Maternal Mental Health & Photography

Over the past year, as I have been building the Life Reflected. brand and business I have been wondering. What is the purpose, what can I offer you that you won't find elsewhere?

The constant theme as I have met new people and chatted to Mums over the past year is that of mental health. One article I read stated that a third of new mums suffer mental health problems following the birth of their baby and two thirds of those had sort help. Which means a third had no help at all.

Whilst I don't have a professional background in mental health, I still feel as someone that has experienced depression in the past (will save that for a post another day) and as a Mum I can still empathise and do my bit to make lives better for other Mums.

There is for some women and Mothers a constant feeling of not being good enough, of losing hope. I was there, in my late teens and I am out the other side, and I want to say Life Can Be Better.

Being a Mum is so messy, literally and metaphorically. Whatever stage you are at (we are still stuck in the not enough sleep stage. As a Mum, you will have neverending lists of things to do and the inevitable guilt if you missed something.

I want my photoshoots to be to you a breath of fresh air, a chance for you to relax and enjoy time with your family. I will only be booking two shoots a week maximum which will give me the time to make sure each photoshoot will be the best I can give so that you can have the photos you deserve.

Whilst I cannot counsel you or give you medicine, however you are feeling - I hope you will find a photoshoot with me will contribute to the positives in your life, that you will see how beautiful you are and remember who you were before you had children.



Evie Winter