Thankyou for Clicking My Link (and that's not a euthanism!)

hampshire photographer

By Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

You lovely folk have probably noticed that I’ve upped my marketing game recently, posting a lot more on face book and other social media. Along side that I have been looking at the statistics of what people like and what they don’t like - I don’t want to bore you with unwanted posts after all.

As I have been looking at these statistics, I have discovered the funniest thing, whilst facebookers really don’t do ‘Likes’ (seriously look back, most posts have very few likes. Loads of you click the links to my website when I share a blog.

I really enjoy blogging. I started it again, because it is good for business and all that - but actually it is rather a fun creative outlet. Most of you reading are mothers and parents, and I know how busy you can get - especially when children are young. So it is a complete honour when someone would take time out of there day to read my posts.
For that, I thank you!
Many Thanks

Evie Winter