It is all about the service.

The step by step of getting beautiful Portraits

As a photographer I take my work providing an excellent service to you very seriously and I hope the whole process I take you through once you have booked a session, will show you that.

1. Enquire & Phone

Get in touch with me and tell me you are interested in having a photoshoot, let me know your phone number and I can give you a call back.

We will have a quick chat about what makes your ideal photoshoot, is it for a particular occasion or 'just because' and we will arrange to meet up for a preconsultation.

2. The Pre-consultation in person

You are busy and totally overwhelmed, and don't want yet another thing on your plate.
However it is worth booking this preconsultation because, it will be a pause, an opportunity for you to relax, have a cuppa and reflect on what is good about life.
This meeting will also give me an opportunity to plan the perfect photoshoot for you, I want you to be 100% satisfied when you see your photographs. By getting to know you, it will help me take photos which truly reflect the beauty and authenticity of your life.

3. Preparation & The Photoshoot

If you have chosen the make up and hair stylist option that will take place in the comfort of your home before your session. 

We offer a selection of photoshoots on location at indoor and outdoor locations. The theme that runs though them is that I want this to be a positive space where you can relax and spend time with your family, a pause in your life as I help you record those moments in print and create your legacy.

4. The Viewing and Ordering

2 weeks after your photoshoot
As our priority is giving you excellent service, we arrange an appointment with you where we show you your beautiful portraits.
At this appointment you will select which portraits you wish to purchase and also which artwork you would love to display your photographs. You buy the photos you love and leave the rest.

5. Receive your art

4-6 weeks after ordering. You will receive your purchases!