The Benefits of Lifestyle Photography

There are many types of photography around, lifestyle, documentary, studio for a start.

{Life Reflected} is for fairly self explanatory reasons, all about the lifestyle with some documentary.

When providing a portrait session, I want to photograph your life as it happens and where it happens. Before your session we will chat about what you and your family like to do, where you like to be, where you build your most precious memories.

For my family at the moment, it is on the South Bank. Andrew and I had our second date there (as well as many since!). We went to Le Pain Quotidient where I ordered a chia seed and coconut dish, which I didn't really like. All I could think about was how to gracefully eat this dish which I hated, without Andrew thinking I was mad. I made it half way though, Andrew still married me and thankfully we can laugh about it now. We have many more trips to the South Bank under our belt, currently going every Sunday morning to have a Latte at Caffee Nero under the Oxo whilst the girls run around and then go to play in the sand pit.

If I was booking a portrait session, I would choose the South Bank as I know my girls would be there most relaxed there and be able to have lots of fun. I know I'd look back on my photographs and remember the feel of the sand under my toes as the girls made sandcastles, their smiles as they run around. Just completely natural moments.

Evie Winter