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Pregnant Mother Holds Son in a field by Hampshire Maternity Photographer Evie Winter
Pregnant woman cradles her bump in Wandsworth Common by Hampshire Maternity Photographer Evie Winter
Pregnant belly picture by Hampshire maternity photographer Evie Winter

We accept bookings from 20 weeks
Sessions from £150 & Prints from £150
Sessions best taking place 30-32 weeks of pregnancy

What are the Benefits of Booking a Maternity Photoshoot

Being pregnant can be an overwhelming time, there is much to do and so little time to do it - on top of the fact you just don’t feel yourself, a maternity photoshoot can be the last thing on your mind.
Getting photographs of your changing body are the last thing you feel like doing, this will in an investment in your future. Your child will love seeing the story and photographs of their journey into the world, one day you will sit down with them and go through the album and tell them how excited you were to meet them.

Your lifestyle maternity photoshoot with me Evie Winter, is all about you though. I will meet or chat with you before hand at a time of your convenience and discuss what you are going to wear, and where you want to be photographed. We will work at a pace you are comfortable with to ensure your photoshoot is a relax, refreshing time for you.

Pregnant mother hugs young boy by Hampshire Maternity Photographer Evie Winter
Boy laughs whilst playing with his pregnant mother by Hampshire Maternity Photographer Evie Winter

Why Book Your Maternity Photoshoot
With Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

With nearly 2 decades of professional and voluntary experience of working with families and children, my priority is to take beautiful photographs of you and your family whilst also making sure you and your children are safe. As our children grow they become more independent and childhood memories may fade, by taking beautiful photographs, you are creating a legacy for them and for your grandchildren. One that connects you all as a family.

You’ve Got This
Full of nerves, wondering if you will be a good mother? Do you have everything you need, are you really ready? You are jumping into the unknown. You are going to be fine.

Pregnant woman cradles bump by Hampshire Maternity Photographer Evie Winter

A Changing Body
You can feel your pregnant body changing. It is doing something special right now, be good to yourself, be kind. You are growing a baby. Your body is amazing.


Thank you so much for considering me to take your maternity photographs. Why don’t you have a look at these photos from some recent model photoshoots…