Winchester Parks Review: Gordon Avenue Park, Highcliffe

One vital concern for families moving to a new area if what is ‘is there a new playground, and what is it like?’ if you are moving to the Highcliffe area of Winchester - you are in for a treat. The local playground just off the top of Gordon Rd has been recently renovated and is an asset to the local community.

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5 Ways To Make Backing Up Photos Easier

Given the importance I believe in capturing beautiful photographs with your children and preserving them, I thought it was time to practise what I preach and make sure my own photographs are backed up. My laptop is 10 years old so it feasibly could go on the blink and I’d have lost them…

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Evie Winter
Winchester Family Photoshoot

There is something about the peaceful surroundings of Winchester, Hampshire that make for a rested heart and peaceful mind. The tagline this year for Winchester is …Vibrant, Ancient, Cultured.

I moved here for the pretty buildings and the history and I have not been disappointed, in fact on the weekends I suspect that is the draw for a lot of the tourists that visit too.

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What to Wear To Your Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot

You have booked your maternity photoshoot or newborn photoshoot (or even both…) and wondering what clothes you should be wearing, so I’ve put together some suggestions which I hope will help you.

For my clients who have a photoshoot booked with me, don’t forget your session with me includes style advice - I am happy to chat to you about what you are wearing and see any outfits before hand.

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Hampshire Parks Review: Eversley Park, Kings Worthy

A few months ago I was at the Good Life Cafe in Kings Worthy, now called Cobbs Farm and was chatting to a couple who were driving from Devon to Northampton. They were stopping off for a bite to eat and some exercise before continuing their journey. In fact since then I have met a few people who were stopping off on their journey. Winchester and it’s parks have a great potential of not only serving locals but people travelling through.

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