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This is You, this is Your Newborn Baby,
This is Your Story, And Your Story Is Perfect

We accept bookings from week 20 of pregnancy
Sessions best taken in newborn’s first two weeks
Sessions from £150 & Images from £150

A Very Special Journey
Whatever way you came to this point, your newborn baby is finally here and you are ready to celebrate and record every minute.
Whilst you focus on enjoying your newborn baby and recovering from the birth, let me take beautiful photos of your first days together.

Post Birth Emotions
Life after giving birth can be a rush of excitement or a blur of emotions. You might feel overwhelmed or be perfectly in control. Our experiences of motherhood are completely different. No one else’s story is more worthy than yours. You are the best mother your child will ever know.

New Relationships
Maybe you are a father, humbled and in awe at what your baby’s mother has created in her body. Awed at the strength. You are never going to want to protect anyone more than you want to protect your child.

Mother holds newborn as sister looks on by Hampshire Newborn and Baby Photographer
Photo of Newborn baby as he gazes, photo by maternity photographer newborn photographer and baby photographer Evie Winter
Smiling father cuddles newborn baby son by Hampshire Newborn Photographer
Mother strokes sleeping newborn baby son’s head, by Hampshire Newborn and Baby Photographer Evie Winter
Parents look on as son cuddles newborn baby brother by Hampshire Newborn and Baby Photographer

Growing Your Family

Is this your first child, second or one of many? You love them all so much and your child’s brothers and sisters are so excited to have a new playmate. As a parent you are exhausted. This is a magical time, but tiring, their is equal amounts of beauty and chaos in this time. These precious photos will remind you of what the first days were like when your mind is remembering nothing but a haze of the fourth trimester. When the tiredness is behind you, be delighted at the miracle of life.

Newborn Baby with his eyes open in his mother’s arms by Hampshire newborn and baby photographer Evie Winter

Your Newborn Baby
Having your newborn photos in your home allow you to kick back and enjoy your session with minimal fuss, let me do all the work. Your time as a new mother is precious, my role as a photographer is to honour that and help your make the most of it.

Mother holds baby, black and white, by Hampshire newborn and baby photographer, Evie Winter


My intention is that you will not only receive beautiful photographs, but that your photoshoot will be an uplifting and encouraging experience.

Newborn Baby Wide awake in black and white, by Hampshire Newborn and Baby Photographer Evie Winter

Document the Details

Newborn photos allow you to document all the little moments that you just take yourself. As you drink in your baby from the eye lashes, their fingers and toes to the tiny hairs on their ear. Newborn photos will allow you to keep a visual record long after they have grown in to the people they are meant to be.


Freedom to Be Real
Having a newborn in the house can leave you feeling shattered, broken and unravelled - then 10 minutes later you are content, full of love, hope and admiration for your little one. There is no one story, I photograph your family as you all are. There is no pretence. Just your baby with your family.


Every Stage is Special
There never seems to be the right time to take photos, but anytime is the right time - they all represent different but wonderful times within your child’s life. Which stage would you most love to capture?


Time Flies Fast
It is a cliche to say time flies by fast, but to every new mum - it is a source of amazement how quickly their newborn baby grows. The newborn features disappear within the first two weeks - turning into squishy roles.


Exist in Your Child’s Photos
One day not long from now, your children will ask ‘Where are you in my photos? What was I like as a baby” - what will you show them?