A Photographer's Maternity Photoshoot

As a photographer, I am always speaking about the importance of having professional photographs taken. So I'd love to take the opportunity to share with you my photos from my first pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a funny time, your body is changing and you are aware of the huge changes fast approaching. You are trying to tie up loose ends and prepare for motherhood. Maternity is often the lowest priority for women about to have a baby!

In reflection I am so glad we did get these photos, it is a great reminder of our last days before parenthood, also my daughter aged 3 loves to talk about when she was in my tummy, so it is great that we have these to show her.

Are you preparing for motherhood? Are you interested in having photographs of this special time of anticipation? If so get in in touch and let's plan your session. 

So on a wet and windy, Autumn's day, we met our lovely photographer Pui in Central London. It is always great to choose locations which are meaningful to you both (for that reason, we generally do all out photoshoots in Central London!)
In retrospect I wish I had had the foresight to get my hair and makeup done, whilst I love the natural look of us that Pui captured I feel like I could have looked natural but a bit more glam!
Ultimately however I am just so pleased to have these to show my children.


Photos by Pui at Love Oh Love