What Should I Do With A Newborn Baby?

By Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

Baby by Wiltshire Newborn Photographer

Outside the rain is coming down, you hear the drip dripping outside your window.

A week ago you gave birth to your newborn, they call it a previous bundle of joy but all you have seen so far is a precious bundle of red screaming cheeks, dirty nappies and milk. You look at this previous bundle and think, you are with me for the next 18 years?! How am I going to cope???

You want to leave the house and just go for a walk, but equally you want to just chill out in bed and eat chocolate. It is cosy here, comfy. The world seems really rather frightening for your precious bundle of baby.

You want to show your precious bundle off, but at the same time you want to keep them all to yourself. Life is full of contradictions at the moment.

There will never be so much time to have snuggles again, skin on skin. Holding your baby close, let them smell you, feel you, hear you, know you. There will be time for walks, the world gets less frightening the older your precious newborn gets.

18 years will go in a flash, you will wish life could slow down a bit. So for now, enjoy those snuggles in bed.