You Can Catch Lyme Disease In London

When we moved to Hampshire I was naturally concerned about the prevelence of ticks and have thus avoided going in to the long grass and since tick checks. Getting the tweezers are on to do list.

As you can imagine, when we went to stay in East London 2 weeks ago, the last thing in our mind was ticks. I got bitten by a horsefly and so did Andrew (or so we thought), either in the local park or in the garden.

The first clue it wasn't a horse fly bite was it didn't itch or hurt, but it looked the same and so we assumed my reaction was just worse and didn't think anything more of it. 4 says ago we noticed the redness suddenly spreading so did the black circle, then yesterday the unmistakable bulls eye rash appeared.

Andrew was able to get an urgent Dr's appointment where they removed the tick leg and gave him a course of antibiotics. He doesn't fancy having his leg on social media but doesn't mind sharing the story of it will help others realise you can ask catch lyme disease in the city.

If we had been more aware of that I think he would have sought help much earlier and but left him having to take antibiotics for 21 days to avoid a chronic illness.

Just to say, don't let it put you off. Andrew and I have 80 years of experience of living in London and this has never happened to us before or anyone we know. Just be aware wherever you are, of the symptoms after a bite.

London, HealthEvie Winter