Empowered to Succeed: Future Physiotherapy

I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the many women I meet whose work is aimed at improving the lives of other women and this latest small business owner whom I had the privilege to interview is no exception.

Katherine Sutherland was working as a physio in the NHS when she went on maternity leave – and changed the course of her life.  After a C-section, Katherine vividly remembers the laughter that was the nurse’s response to her asking when she would hear about her physio appointment, standard to all new mums in her native Australia.  Consequent conversations with other new mums in her circle of friends brought to her attention just how little information women received about the correct way to exercise after childbirth, to the extent that some even risked damaging their bodies.

This realisation became the motivation for Katherine’s new business, Future Physiotherapy, which has a particular focus on new mums and postnatal health, offering them a service personalised to their individual needs.  The time and attention she gives each client as she works alongside them to restore their bodies has given her positive feedback and her business continues to grow through word of mouth recommendations.

Katherine is passionate about educating women to take care of their post birth bodies and seeing the quality of their lives improve as a result.  Her focus is to empower women, making sure they have the right information to allow them to work towards optimum health.  This passion and her desire to promote good health to her own daughter is at the heart of her commitment to making Further Physiotherapy a success.

Familiar with the busy lives that you and I have, Katherine’s goal is to make good health achievable to her clients.  Her model is based on convenience and comfort, as she visits each client at home and works around the needs of any children.  Furthermore, by understanding each person’s lifestyle, she is able to create an exercise programme that will suit them.

When I asked Katherine how she would encourage others to reach their business goals, she replied: “If there is something you are passionate about, there will be a need for it, so find your niche market and go for it!  Even if you are doubtful, you will learn a lot on the way; you will learn new skills and get out of your comfort zone.”

If you would like to book a session with Katherine or find out more about Future Physiotherapy, get in contact with her through her Future Physiotherapy