Supporting Yourself (and Other Mums)

It was not until I had children that I noticed how judgemental others would be, and how much everyone has opinion. On everything!
From birthing methods, to feeding to weaning to behaviour, it sometimes feels like there is judgement waiting around every corner.
All this means that you could easily hide away and never talk to others for fear of what they might say and how they might judge you.
And for a Mum of new children, this might be the worst thing you could do.

If you are experiencing mental health problems, it is important to seek medical help. But another you can do, is remember you are not the only one. 

You are not alone. And not only do you need other people. Their are others who need you.

Not just your children but other Mums. 

When Dessi was about five months I got chatting to a Mum at a local stay and play, and discovered on arriving home she lived in the same building as me. We often came to each other's flats, drank coffee and shared the highs and lows of having young children. 

After she moved out of London, I chatted to Mums and the local park and we created a Whatsapp group to keep in touch and have made more friends for that. Often I see online a request for existing groups and meet ups, but do consider creating one up for yourself. 

Have you met another mother, who has just made huge difference in your life? Please get in touch and tell me about it either through my website or Instagram!