Empowered to Succeed: Louise Worsley First Aid Training

Since I started chatting to local business owners, I have discovered that inspiration comes in many ways and in many places, and Louise Worsley's story is no exception to this.

We met on a rainy Monday and it was such a joy to hear about Louise's business.
Louise was originally a geography teacher. Worn down by the admin and paperwork, she decided to leave for a more exciting life. Louise became a tour leader, taking groups of adults and children abroad on adventure holidays, including activities such as horse riding, cycling and sailing. As part of her job, not only did she need to have first aid training but also a mountain leader qualification and expedition first aid. Being in remote areas meant she had to deal with any situation that arose, but could use a satellite phone to call a doctor and then follow his instructions if needed.

The time came for Louise to come home and settle down, so she returned to the UK and focused on freelancing - as first aid trainer marrying her passions for both teaching and first aid.

After having children, she was in pursuit of a better work / life balance and that is when her business as it is now came into creation. Working for herself seemed the ideal solution, to give her the flexibility she sought.

According to Louise, the main benefits of owning a small business are that it has allowed her to spend more time with her family, to choose where and when she works, and to keep teaching, which she loves. First aid is a skill that everyone needs and Louise loves designing classes which are fun, enjoyable and informative.

Having done one of Louise's courses previously and particularly loved her teaching style, I can strongly recommend her.  Whilst she doesn't offer the shortest course, she does spend time explaining why certain first aid methods are recommended and this helps with recall after the event. Good recall is vital to any first aider and the increased likelihood in this area means Louise's course is brilliant value for money.

Louise has enjoyed seeing her business evolve and grow over time. She is now also offering first aid classes for children, making it become second nature for them as they grow.  She also works closely with local NCT groups and mums-to-be as well as with returning clients who bring their now older children for a refresher course.

The effect on her family life has been very positive and she feels like doing what she loves has helped her to feel happier and and more relaxed and an altogether better Mum. Louise is proud of what she has achieved especially when she gets positive feed back from her course attendees. One recent women told her that she had seen a car accident and the knowledge from Louise's course gave her the confidence to step forward and provide first aid and comfort the victim whilst waiting for help to arrive.

Louise offers regular courses in the South West London and Surrey area.  To get more information please visit her website at Worsley Training or get in touch with Louise Worsley directly.


Photo of First Aid Trainer Louise Worsley, by Wandsworth Portrait Photographer Evie Winter