Finding Your Worth.

Photograph of baby in a shoot to celebrate 1st birthday, by photographer Evie Winter

Hey You, Yes You! 
You Mum's who have woken up day after day in a new born baby haze.
Who have been screamed, cried, and shouted at before 8am.
Who can't remember the last time you slept for more than 2 hours in a row.
Who can't remember what your pre baby body looked like.
Who can't remember what your pre baby confidence felt like.

It is a cliche, that you are worth something, but when was the last time you felt it?

Do you live like you are worth something? Do you demand others treat you according to your worth? Or do you feel a little lost?

These are all the questions I am battling with right now; what is my worth as a Mum, what is my worth beyond motherhood? And what is my worth as a photographer?

Since I started telling people that I am starting a business as a baby, child and family photographer, the main question I am asked is "Will you be affordable?".
I have sat down and calculated the costs needed to break even and pay my bills. So as much as I'd love to offer photography to everyone who asks, whatever their budget - I do need to keep my costings in mind. 

However I have come to realise that where people spend their time and money is a sign of what they value. Whilst our wedding was largely done on a budget, Andrew and I spent the largest part of our budget on the photography. That is what we valued most.

I can offer you an album or wall art of your most precious memories, that will last you a lifetime for less money than some smartphones that last 2 years.

Where you spend your time and money is a sign of what you value. 

The question for you is not are you worth something? (You certainly are) but what are you worth, and how can you make sure you are being paid your worth?

Evie Winter