Putting Mum in to the Picture

It is all too easy to realise how few photographs you have with your children.  


The days fly by, you are knee deep in dirty nappies and feeding, seeing to your baby's needs. Seeing to your child's needs. When is there time to have a photoshoot? Even phoning the photographer to book an appointment seems like a hassle. 
Maybe it doesn't matter to you so much, but what about when your baby grows up and wants to see the albums, they want to see their history. As they look back at the photos of themselves living life, will they see the time spent with you?
Don't miss an opportunity to be photographed with your children. 
Let your love for them shine through the lens, make a record of your relationship which will be remembered for years to come. Your children will not see your perceived physical imperfections that might make you feel unworthy of being photographed, they will only see the person that loved them, that raised them.
Get in front of the camera and be photographed. You won't regret it.