Girls Lifestyle Photoshoot Hampshire

girls lifestyle photoshoot Hampshire photographer Evie Winter

As a girl Mama, I wanted to take a moment to write a bit about the experience of raising girls and being able to photograph them and why I think photographs can be an amazing tool in boosting their self confidence.

There are so many issues with mental health in girls today, as a parent you wonder how you can help them, empower them. We moved to Hampshire partly for the benefits of the cleaner air and closeness to nature (which has been proved to support good mental health).

Girls grow up with so many issues, genetically the weaker sense, we had to fight for so many things, even just our right to vote. And so many girls / women I know have experience discrimination as a result of their sex.

It is easy just to say I am a lifestyle photographer in the sleepy county of Hampshire, what could I possibly do?

Or I could say, how can I use my skills to help?

As a lifestyle photographer, I can work with girls and women to feel good in front of the camera and to realise who they are is okay. A girls lifestyle photoshoot allows for the girls and women I work with to express themselves. To be themselves.

As my daughters grow older I’ll photograph them not to show them how beautiful they can be on the outside but to show that their beauty comes from within. I won’t tell them to smile or to look happy, I’ll tell them to show me who they are.

Evie Winter is a local Mother and Lifestyle photographer specialising in newborn, family and children’s portraits based in Winchester, Hampshire.
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