Hampshire Parks Review: Eversley Park, Kings Worthy

By Hampshire Family Photographer, Evie Winter

Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter

A few months ago I was at the cafe now called Cobb’s Farm and was chatting to a couple who were driving from Devon to Northampton. They were stopping off for a bite to eat and some exercise before continuing their journey. In fact since then I have met a few people who were stopping off on their journey. Winchester and it’s parks have a great potential of not only serving locals but people travelling through.

Not all stop offs have to be expensive, all children need is a good area to run around and decent play equipment to find happiness.

Eversley Park is tucked away in Kings Worthy and a park I only considered visiting when I started reviewing, as it is off the beaten track but I am so glad I did, and can suggest it as a great place whatever age your child - it has lots to do with great exploring potential.

Since publishing I have received some emails from local Mothers who felt my original article was not an accurate portrayal of their local park and kindly took the time to give more some more information about the park and it’s surroundings so I have updated the article with that info. Up to now, I have been focusing on the playground areas, but will add a bit more info about the parks and local info where possible.
In future, I’ll be adding a ‘Local Knowledge’ section. I can only learn so much when I visit a place on my own with two active children - the local knowledge will allow me to give you a bit more of the inside info.

Age Group
Toddlers to Teens. Equipment to suit all ages.

Getting There & Parking
Locals Knowledge: Carpark is at Worthies social club and not restricted so can be used any time.
We took the Spring bus, for some inexplicable reason Google Maps told us to get off at Vian Rd. You would be better to get off 7 stops earlier before the bus goes in a circle around the houses. This allow you to walk to the park along a quiet path and not a busy road with narrow pavements and fast cars.
Walk along Campion Rd, taking the third right along a path and you will see the path come up on your left.

Large climbing frame
2 bucket swings 
2 older swings 
1 swing for child with disability
1 nest swing
1 seesaw
3 seat bike roundabout 
2 springers
1 plastic baby slide
1 larger metal slide with climbing rope me attached
1 blue circle climbing frame
Obstacle course of ropes and beams
Local Knowledge: Whilst some of the equipment does look worn, the playground is regularly checked and maintained and is safe to use.

Look Out
Main concern would be the gate missing some of it’s slats, if you have a runner - it is something to be aware off. I am told my locals this hasn’t been an issue for anyone which is good - however I just wanted to point it out as I know a few people who prefer to avoid locations when their child are in the running phrase. I understand the park is being maintained so I imagine this will be fixed soon.

When I was there, the fenced in playground area was in full sunshine - as someone who doesn’t do sun I struggled with this. If your children are older, you could set up a blanket for yourself in the shade of the trees in the main park area.
Watch out for the slides (as with every park) as this could potentially warm up later in the day (it was fine when we were there on the morning in August)

Locals Knowledge: Nearest toilets would be at the Worthies Social Club near the carpark, where staff are friendly and kindly let people use. I didn’t use on this occasion but knowing that’s an option makes visiting for a good few hours an inviting location.

Picnic Area.
Plenty of grass to set up a blanket, no tables within the fenced playground area. Does have five benches though.
- As the playground is set within a wider park, there is also plenty of potential there for picnics.

None that I could see near the playground, might be some coffee shops in Kings Worthy but if I was keen for a coffee I’d go back to Cobbs Farm.
Local’s Knowledge: For parents with older kids, the social club has outdoor session so you can go and get a drink there for £2 whilst kids are playing.
Locals Knowledge There is an award winning cafe called Coffee Roasters (my apologies for not mentioning earlier, when I saw it on google maps I thought it was a wholesale type place, face palm!), which from Friday - Sunday has homemade cake or the newly refurbished Horse and Cart. According to google it is 10 mins walk (so might translate as longer with young children) but both are nearer than Cobbs Farm and sound like they could be worth a visit if you need a caffein fix.

The View and Atmosphere
The playground is next to a park field and lots of trees, so a nice atmosphere and feel. My girls mostly liked the bicycle roundabout, and spent the time fighting over it, so I couldn’t stay as long as I’d have liked. I think it is an ideal place to stop off in addition to Cobb’s Farm Cafe or if you are meeting a friend and have older and younger children. Otherwise I think with just younger children - there are better options in Winchester (Chaundler Rd is five mins drive further on with parking near the Rugby Club).
Just the fact I received two emails with suggestions, shows how much the community in this area is and how much they love the park, which is just fab to see.

Surrounding Areas
Local Knowledge: If you are looking for something more than just a playground, there is a fenced basketball next to it, which is perfect for letting little ones ride their bikes as well as ball games for the older kids.
Their is a mini woodland which is great for exploration and adventures with the little ones.
The path through the field doubles up brilliantly as a race track for young children on scooters, bikes and skateboards.
There is a long ‘bench’ in what looks like a lay by on the path, this is in fact a grinding bench for the skateboarders and bmx bikes.
There is actually a second playing field through the line of trees behind the Worthies Social Club, it isn’t obvious if you come in via bus but apparently it has exercise bars and equipment which is good for older children and adults keeping fit.

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Evie Winter is a local Mother and Lifestyle photographer specialising in newborn, family and children’s portraits based in Winchester, Hampshire. To see more of her work, please visit Evie Winter Family Photographer

Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Eversley Park by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter