Happy International Women's Day! | London Family Photography

It is fair to say International Women's Day means many different things to many different women. We all have a different experience of being a woman and the struggles we have overcome in our lives for no other reason than the our sex.

For me being a woman means that I am not going to settle for second best in my attempts to set up a business. I am so inspired by those who have gone before me, at the moment I am loving listening to the photographer Sue Bryce and all that she has to say on the subject of self worth. 

As a lifestyle photographer, many of my shoots are families and children. However I have a flexible interpretation of family and would love to shoot more combinations of people. A mother with her adult daughters, friends, a multi-generational shoot.

My photoshoots come with the opportunity to book a make up artist and stylist, time the shoot right and you can go out for a posh lunch afterwards.

Who would you love to be photographed with?