It's the Photographer / Not the Camera


Many people worry when hiring a professional photographer that it is not a good investment paying for something they could do themselves and of course anyone with a phone can take photographs of their children and daily lives. 

However there are some things that you can't do yourselves with the phone camera.

1. The most obvious is be in the photograph yourself, unless we remember to do a selfie which is usually of lower quality and slightly awkward posing.
2. Pose your subjects. A professional photographer knows how to pose their subject to have them look their best, or a lifestyle photographer will know how to get great photos of what they are seeing before their eyes.
3. Location. Professional photographs have the experience and skill to know where they can take beautiful photographs. 

This photo of my daughter above I took outside a local garage door. It is an amazing colour and I have done a few portraits here. You can see from the second photograph that it isn't the most obvious location. Should I have have a studio, I'll definitely be getting a garage door painted like this outside!