Empowered to Succeed: Kid Pix

Evie Winter Interview with Kid Pix’s Katya

As a photographer I understand the importance of getting people to understand the value of small businesses. How many time have you heard people say ‘it’s a rip off’ when faced with the higher than expected prices. Equally how often have you heard sayings like ‘When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance?

It has been a long break from my small business interviews, but I am delighted to say we are back. If you know of a small female run independent business, please do let me know and you might see an interview with them here in the future.

The best businesses are those that add quality to our lives and Kid Pix does that well.

In 2018 Katya Pogudina launched KidPix, an online shopping service offering busy parents a curated selection of unique independent designers via stylist selected KidPix boxes. KidPix was inspired by Katya’s daughter Maria who has two main passions (or maybe we should call them obsessions!) – 1. dressing up and 2. receiving parcels through the post! KidPix combines the luxury of personal styling, with the convenience of subscription-based home shopping, giving time-poor parents a new way to shop for their little ones. KidPix solves problems associated with high street and online shopping – no more tantrums as you navigate your local department store, and they guarantee that all their items not only look great in photos but also feel great in person.

How does it work? KidPix currently offers subscription and gift boxes. How does subscription work? Following a short style quiz - which takes into account age, sex, budget and colour preferences - clients receive a box filled with six to eight boutique brand items, from t-shirts and dungarees to dresses and winter coats. The best bit? Clients are only charged for the items they want to keep and returns are always free! Clients choose how regularly they want to receive their boxes, most people go for the quarterly subscription so that they have new clothes for every season! KidPix’s gift boxes are just as special – they have a standard range on their website (kidpix.uk), but a lot of clients contact them directly for bespoke one-off boxes.

This May KidPix will be launching it’s boutique which will allow customers to shop directly from a curated selection of independent designers.

KidPix are really proud to have partnered with KIDS, disabled children’s charity. Every time a KidPix customer makes a £5 donation, KidPix match it raising £10/order.

In an age where the ethical origins of clothes and the environmental impact is a real issue, there is something really special about companies who can solve that issue, whilst you will be certainly be paying more than you pay in Primark, the price includes peace of mind that you are helping the world be a better place for your children as well as supporting emerging independent designers across from across the globe.

It was great to chat with Katya about her business and see how driven she is to create a business that serves her clients and inspires her children. It was also really good to hear how encouraging her husband and family have been, it can be a hard slog running a business and having that support is crucial.