Small Business

Are you a small business in Wandsworth? I'd love to connect. 

Small business is not a path I was expecting to follow. 
The loudest voice I have heard is the one that says, what right do you have to run a business, it will never be successful, it is too competitive.

Having children has been very motivating, it may be cliched but it is true for me as well as a lot of other women (maybe that can be another blog, to interview them about why...)

I want to show my girls that I can achieve my dreams, so that I can earn a decent salary to be prepared for any unexpected eventualities in my husband's job, to save for my pension, to go on holidays. 

Now I'm on this path of business building and entrepreneurship - I am learning so much about marketing, sales, photographer and self value. 

This learning is increasing my confidence. Now I know it isn't a case of what right do I have to run a business, but what right do I have to not put my best effort in to trying.

If you feel the same, please do get in touch. Let us connect. Let us inspire each other.

Small business is a journey I did not expect to take.