You Know Your Child The Best

By Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

“You Know Your Child The Best” by London Newborn Photographer Evie Winter

Have you noticed that once you get a baby in your arms, there are some phrases you will hear a lot.

One of them is ‘You know your baby the best’, and you probably are thinking. ‘What? I know nothing about kids, this one isn’t any different’. Before children I had 16 years experience working with kids, and I knew lots about them.

Then I had my own and new nothing, nothing but newborn haze haze and sleepless nights making any knowledge I did have fade even further from my mind. But at least I knew how to be a mother when the second child came?

She came with her own personality and again I knew nothing.

I did know something though, I knew how to make them look at me, I knew how to chat to them, I knew when they had last done a wet nappy (That is the no.1 question when taking a baby to hospital), I knew how to cuddle them.

You know so much about your baby dear Mama, and you love them and that is what they need. They don’t need perfection or expensive things, they need you to do the practical basics and love them.

You can learn the rest, together.