5 Reasons To Book Yourself a Children’s Photographer

Siblings play in children’s photoshoot London

by Hampshire Photographer

“Why hire a photographer, when I can do it on my phone for free?”
It is a question I often see and so I thought it was worth spending time, exploring the answer, and telling you what I or another professional photographer could offer that a mobile phone can’t.

  1. Everyone Behaves

    Last year I had an extended family photoshoot with my friend and fellow photographer Kirsty Hamilton Photography. Now I am the youngest of 4 children and if I take my phone out, not everyone behaves (to say the least) nor appreciates the intrusion of a mobile phone. But with an external photographer taking the photos, everyone was on their best behaviour and the photos were fabulous.

  2. Better quality

    I don’t care how fabulous your phone is, but I have never seen a photo give the same quality, richness and depth that could be achieved through a professional camera used by a professional photographer, especially if you zoom in on the photograph (and means you could not have any sort of decent enlargements made).

  3. Planning

    Booking an professional photoshoot means that you can plan something a bit more interesting, and be more intentional. Your children’s photographer can advise you on the best clothing and location for your photos to get the most out of your photoshoot. This will ensure photographs with longevity and not ones which will date by next year.

  4. Prints

    Life is busy, and who has time to print all the photographs on their phone? Booking an actual children’s photoshoot will ensure you can get your children’s photographs printed and up on the wall, with minimum effort to yourself. Your photographer will also have access to pro labs that will produce photographs of better quality than you can get locally.

  5. The Hidden Moments
    As a photographer, I am an observer and will look for the interactions to capture, the flick of a hair, a laugh, a kiss - and that frees you to enjoy family time without worrying about whipping out the mobile for a selfie.

Obviously the best camera is the one that you have when you need it, but don’t let it put you off hiring a children’s photographer and getting an extra special photoshoot experience and photographs.

Evie Winter is a Children’s Photographer in Hampshire, and is available for newborn, children and family photoshoot bookings in Hampshire, Wiltshire, and London. If you would like to chat, please get in touch at hello@eviewinter.com or Get In Touch

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