5 Ways To Make Backing Up Photos Easier

by Winchester Children’s Photographer

Winchester Photographer Evie Winter with her newborn daughter

Winchester Photographer Evie Winter with her newborn daughter

Given the importance I believe in capturing beautiful photographs with your children and preserving them, I thought it was time to practise what I preach and make sure my own photographs are backed up. My laptop is 10 years old so it feasibly could go on the blink and I’d have lost them.

It has been a slow process, I am currently concentrating on the extra special ones (births, birthdays, holidays) but finding beauties like this one of me with Indiana is encouraging me to keep going.

Have you backed up your most precious photos? Here are my tips on how to how to make the backing up easier.

  1. Imagine the conversation you will have with your child in 30 years when they ask where their baby photos are, a little pain now will avoid the painful task of losing precious children photographs.

  2. Focus on the events you want to keep, rather than chronological order. Special people, special places. Every photo is precious, one step at a time.

  3. You can back up to hard drive or cloud storage. I personally pay for cloud because I know I’d lose the hard drive. I know cloud is not invincible though and once I have done all the photos I’ll be creating prints / albums - just in case - just like they did in the olden days.

  4. Put folders by year on your cloud (or where ever you are backing up to) to make it easier to find your photos.

  5. Sit near the wifi box, it will be quicker!

Evie Winter