Winchester & Hampshire Parks Review: North Walls Park

By Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

Just like property, parks are about location, location, location and North Walls is no exception. It’s location is what makes it our most frequently visited park even though it’s park layout is a bit of a pain.


Age Group
Toddler upwards, not that interesting for teens but they could go to the skate park across the path.

Getting There & Parking
North Walls is in the City Centre, the nearest parking is at the Riverside Leisure Centre, or take any bus that goes to North Walls, get off and walk down in the direction of traffic, turning left at Park Ave and left in to the park. You will see playground on the left opposite the skate park.

2 small climbing frames for toddlers
1 large slide and climbing frame for older children with ropes and ladder
1 Pyramid rope climbing frame
Nest roundabout
3 Springers
2 Toddler swings
2 Swings for older children
3 Spinners

Look Out
Quite a few trees = hiding spaces.
The playground is long so if you have a younger child you will have to continually follow one end to the other to see them properly.
Large slide has a drop with no side so young kids will have to be supervised if they get up there.
The ground is mostly tarmac and safety matting under the equipment rather than grass so any falls will result in grazed knees. Take plasters.

Now the best thing about the park is, in my experience- it is shaded all afternoon long. The position of the sun and trees, all mean much of the equipment is shaded - a lot more than in any other parks I have seen. So his is the perfect option on a hot day.

There are some in the leisure centre in an emergency or public toilers

Picnic Area
There are three benches and tables and a couple of other benches doted around the park. The riverside park on the other side of the bridge has lots of green space to lay a blanket on, however is surrounded by river so may not be relaxing if you have a runner

You are five minutes walk from Winchester High Street with plenty of fab coffee options.

The View and Atmosphere
The playground is surrounded by the school, skate park and Riverside leisure centre and park so no country atmosphere, but considering it’s proximity to town, can be very quiet and chilled. This park is a great option for anyone visiting the centre of Winchester, or waiting for an older sibling at the leisure centre, or attending any of the many festivals at Riverside Park.
The playground is also about five mins walk from the back entrance of Winnall Nature Reserve, follow the river around up and in the park until you reach the bridge.

There is so much I could say about this park, but I am going to leave it there for now. The main point to note is the whole of Winchester City Centre is at your disposal…

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North Walls playground by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
North Walls playground by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
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