Winchester Family Photoshoot

by Winchester Children’s Photographer Evie Winter

There is something about the peaceful surroundings of Winchester, Hampshire that make for a rested heart and peaceful mind. The tagline this year for Winchester is …Vibrant, Ancient, Cultured.

I moved here for the pretty buildings and the history and I have not been disappointed, in fact on the weekends I suspect that is the draw for a lot of the tourists that visit too.

As a Winchester Family Photographer, I love to use the buildings as the backgrounds to my portrait. Photographs are about creating memories, and where better to do that than a place since the Iron Age. You share the streets with those who have gone before you, and your history will live on in your photographic legacy.

On a sunny afternoon I was fortunate to collaborate with local resident Emma from Bavarian Sojourn and her family for a photoshoot. We started off at the ‘Harry Potter’ house, near the Cathedral and Dome Alley and walked around to the top of the high street. As Emma’s youngest was feeling rather tired, this was a shorter session than usual. When doing family photoshoots I always need to take in to account the comfort levels of the children, if a child is tired or unhappy - no one is going to be enjoying themselves. Family photoshoots should not be a chore but should be an event that is fun in itself. One which the kids will remember fondly for years to come, a time when they got their parents full attention and just had fun for a few hours.

Shooting on location in a place like Winchester, adds some really great context to the photos. As you look over your childhood photographs, seeing familiar buildings will conjure up other memories of your childhood.

Where would you have your family photoshoot?

harry potter family portrait Winchester children's photographer
Winchester Cathedral Dome Alley Family Portrait by chidlren's photographer Evie Winter
Winchester Hampshire Family Photoshoot with Older and Younger Children by Photographer Evie Winter
Black and White Family Portrait in Winchester City Centre by Hampshire Children's photographer Evie Winter
Winchester Son photoshoot Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter
Winchester High Street Makes for Ideal Child photoshoot Says Winchester Child Photographer Evie Winter