Breast Feeding at The London Transport Musuem.


We hear so much in the media about places who are rude to breastfeeding mothers, and I have had my share of comments from others about it. So I thought it only fair that I share this positive story.

On Thursday afternoon we took our two girls aged 2 and 16 months to The London Transport Museum at Covent Garden and as my husband sorted out the tickets I asked the customer service guy if there was anywhere I could breastfeed my 16 month old. 

He started out... 'Well there is a family...', then with barely a pause stated something to the effect of 'Actually you can breastfeed where ever you like and feel comfortable, as there are chairs and benches throughout, however if you wish to use it there is a family room' and proceeded to give me the directions.

So - to the London Transport Museum, from a breastfeeding mother, thankyou for making me feel so welcome. Your staff member was an asset to you, and I can't begin to tell you how welcoming and encouraging it was to receive this wonderful service. I found a nice corner of sofas (they probably could do with some cushions to stop your guests disappearing in to them though).