Reflections on the Common

Dad shows girl ducks at Wandsworth Common by London Photographer

It is becoming a bit of a tradition on the days we get out the house early enough for nursery, that we get off the bus early and walk through Wandsworth Common, London. 
This week we have the privilege of my husband joining us. Dessi is delighted to have her Dad around whilst he is on annual leave!
On our walk we were treated to the most wonderful frost, the first time Dessi has seen it for real as an older child and the most wonderful reflections on the lake. It was great opportunity to get a million photos for my instagram account, and though I was a little sad to not have the real camera I was relieved to have my phone at least!
Whilst still lovely later on, the lighting is often at it's best when low in the sky like this and I (like most family photographers) love to do my outdoor portrait sessions either earlier or later in the day.
It is these daily moments that can be the most important to photograph, to remember. When we enjoy precious time with our loved ones. It isn't just photographers that will appreciate these photos in years to come.