Children's Portraits: Camera vs Professional

Whilst at the park last week with my nieces and daughters, I took my camera to get a few photographs of them playing. Except it didn't work out like that, Dessi decided her favourite game was for me to catch her as she ran away. I had my camera around my neck and she took me back to the buggy and told me to leave it in the buggy.
You have probably seen that yourselves. You see your child do something really cute and you just have to get a photograph of it, as you take your camera out for that cheeky photo - your child notices and moves away.
It is perhaps a difficult to realise, just how much our children value our attention. For them the camera isn't a great way of capturing memories, it is a distraction from the now they live in. So whilst phone cameras are fantastic at capturing those moments, the professionals are present for - it isn't a substitute.
Having an experienced professional allows you to:

- Use their creative expertise to get high quality and interesting photographs than you might be able to take (unless of course you are a photographer!)
- Use their equipment to help them achieve their vision.
- Have everyone to be photographed without having to take the photos themselves, your children are going to love see photos of you playing with you!
- Gives you the opportunity to see your portraits turned in to beautiful and high quality wall art and albums.
- They will be able to capture the moments that count, they know what to look for and know how to take the photo without interfering or disruption.

Hiring an experienced professional doesn't come cheap, but like many things you get what you pay for and it is an investment that pays over throughout your life...
As you sit with your child thumbing through their special albums. 
As you eat breakfast and your child starts talking about the day you had those portraits done.
As your child sees everyday a photograph of their parents embracing them and it makes them feel loved.