Which Photographer For Your One Year Old's Photoshoot

How to Choose a Photographer for Your One Year Old Photoshoot

How to Choose a Photographer for Your One Year Old Photoshoot

We are living in a time when there has been never been so many different styles of photography available to us and asking this question will go a long way to deciding which photographer to engage for your family photoshoot.

Since I have had a few queries for a 1 Year Old's photoshoot, I thought this would be an ideal time to chat about how to choose the ideal photographer.

Firstly congratulations on getting to your baby to 1 year!
It has been a year full of ups and downs, probably not much sleep and lots of hugs. Now you want to celebrate this occasion with a special and unique personalised photoshoot, so how you go about sifting through the talent and finding the perfect photographer?

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1. What kind of photos do you want to be looking at in 50 years?
Set out to create a positive experience and choose someone that will listen to you and understand your child's needs. Lifestyle and documentary photograph is an ideal way to share the story of your child's life. We all love to read a good biography and one day your child will ask about theirs, what will you be able to show them?
There are options to have cake smash or studio style photos and many mums don't even get in these photos themselves. Hands down, my favourite photos are the ones I am in with other people, that show the love between us. There is only so many photos I want to look of me on my own! Additionally studio work can be restrictive and challenge the patience of a young child who isn't keen to get messy or look at the camera.

2. How do you want to remember your children at this time in their lives,
The reason I prefer lifestyle on location over studio photography is I love to see people's personalities shine through the lens of my camera and tell their story. Our lives may not be perfect or glamorous but they are ours. It what makes us, us.
The first year of a child's life can be a bit of a haze, especially if they had feeding issues, illnesses or don't sleep. Those moments we thought we could never ever forget will eventually fade away, a lifestyle photoshoot is an opportunity to create positive memories but also to give these memories a place to live and be shared with your children as they get older.

3. How do you want to experience the session with your child?
The session is as important as the final results. Clients have often told me stories of having stressful sessions and as a result they haven't been able to enjoy their photos as it reminds them of their miserable session. My business is called Life Reflected. as I believe the best photos are the ones that show your life as it is, as this is when you and your children are your most relaxed and comfortable. Choose the photographer that will work with you to plan an enjoyable session, these photos are going to last a lifetime - it will be worth the time and money to get it right.

4. What do you want to take away from your photoshoot?
You have probably heard me talk about this often but I am not sure it can be said enough.. How will you be enjoying your photos in the years to come? Most people ask for digitals to share online, how safe are your precious memories there? Would it not be better to have these on the walls so that you will see the love of your family reflected back to you as you live your life. Maybe in an album where you can show the photos to your children at bedtime?
By all means get the digitals but definitely get them printed as well.

5. Choose the photographer that asks you get in front of the camera.
You say, "Oh no - I only want pictures of my children", but one day your children will ask to see photos of you with them, what will you show them? They do not care how you look, they think you are beautiful, they love you because you are their Mum, their parent, so get in the frame. You owe that to your children, and they will forever grateful.