Autumn Photoshoots, Moving House & Growing Instagram

It seems blogging is not my strong point, mostly from lack of time and sleep.
I can never understand these people that apparently can run a business on 4 hrs sleep, because it is about the most I can do to keep my children alive and healthy.
Never mind anything else.

So since the last blog...


I am currently serving 2 clients a week MAX, this is the perfect number that helps me give YOU, my clients the best possible service. For that reason if you want to book a photoshoot in the Autumn get in touch asap at GET IN TOUCH, I would love to chat to you about planning your perfect photoshoot.


I last talked about moving house in my previous blog, I am pleased to report that the process is going well. We have a buyer for our house and have put an offer on another house. Our fingers are crossed that all goes really smoothly and that we will be in the new house before Christmas and I have fufill my dream of having a tree up in the living room.


I have been on Instagram for a while and never really understood it as thing as anything more than a directory of pretty images.
Anyway recently I have been...
- Finding the accounts of people I share interests with.
- Spending time commenting and interacting with them.
And I am discovering an amazing community!

My plan is to run my business through Instagram and the website entirely, as it seems much more suited to a photography business given that it is a visual medium. Part of that is to get 10,000 followers, as that is the stage you can do some fun techie stuff which will help me run the business. 
If you do not already, please follow me on Instagram and show me the love through liking and commenting my posts there and also telling friends if you think they might be interested.

Evie Winter