How Instagram Can Improve Your Experience of Motherhood

by Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

portrait of a girl by hampshire family photographer Evie Winter

On a day that technology is not working for me at all, it is somewhat ironic that I am writing this blog! So after losing the first attempt, I am going to try again…

Social media has been for me a wonderful thing and I have found it a great way to connect and keep in touch with other people. Up til now my main social media use has been with facebook, so a few weeks ago I decided to put some attention to Instagram and see how I could make it work for me as a mother. Additionally I asked my followers via Instagram Stories, how they felt instagram had improved their experience of motherhood

Connections & Community

The story these women told, was one of connections with others who shared the same experiences and interests as them. This was especially evident in challenging life events. One Mum wrote of how she had been through a miscarriage and had struggled to conceive, throughout this she had met others on Instagram going through the same thing and described it as a big safety net surrounding her.
Being a Mum is hard work and often we find our real life relationships are hard to keep up, so it is great to find other Mums who understand what it is to be broken from the sleepless nights, the joys and difficulties of breastfeeding or the toddler tantrums, and who love us anyway.


Another Mum bravely described how she had taken her son to the doctor, concerned about a rare foot condition. She had been told that he would grow out of it, shortly after she saw a picture of the identical condition on another child on Instagram and a description of the treatment this child was having. This gave the Mum the confidence to go back to the doctor and get referred to a specialist - she found out the her child would also need treatment. The connections she made through Instagram gave her confidence and knowledge she needed and empowered her to be an advocate for her child. After this she was able to make connections with other people in similar circumstances and benefit from having the community around her.

Practical Benefits

Instagram can have many practical benefits as well. One Mum loved how she could find what she needed according to the stage of life her child was at, as a baby she would connect with other Mums and be comforted to see that their houses were also messy! As her child has gotten older, she appreciate account that show kids activities and inspire her with ideas as to what she can do with her child.

Retail and Outings

Whilst a lot of Mums spoke about outings, one mother also appreciate the way she is able to find discounts through Instagram by following some bargain hunter accounts, she already has the kids Christmas gifts sorted for a ¼ of the rrp.

In my experience Instagram is a bit of a maze and it is good to make sure you only follow those who make you feel better. Some of the accounts are quite aspirational and if you live with a budget or with a small flat it can be grating to see people off on holidays every other week. However other instagrammers are really relatable and meeting those are the kind that make it all worth it. This week I went on my first social, a Mum’s meet up in South West London with 400 people I didn’t know, even for this introvert they were all lovely and I feel like I have made a few new friends as a result.

If you are starting with Instagram, let me know how you are getting on, and be sure to follow me and say hi!