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What Would You Do If You Would Not Fail?

So often I think our lives are ruled by fear and when there are so many obstacles in the way, the last thing we should add is yet another one.
Do you have a passion, maybe a hobby or a social issue you would like to see addressed. 
For women who become focused on family life - it can be hard to see where to go. Maybe you feel you have nothing to contribute? 

For me, becoming a photographer has been a long road but when I began to trust in myself and my dream, the path has become a lot clearer. All around us are women who have stepped forward in faith to pursue a dream.

My dream is to offer an exclusive service, to mothers and fathers who want the most beautiful portraits they have ever seen of themselves and their families. To put my experience working with children to good use by making portrait sessions fun and enjoyable to both parents and children. To allow people to choose the photos they love most and not have to pay for photographs they do not like. To give people the opportunity of taking home prints and frames so they can display their photos immediately. To allow people to have a wonderful legacy they keep throughout their lives and pass down to the next generations.

What is your dream?

Take a chance, bloom where you are planted. You might just succeed