Family in the Park

Funny story: When I first met my now husband and he told me he was from Earlsfield, I thought that it was somewhere out in the countryside. Despite being from London and living in London almost all my life, I had never heard of it. (I'm from Islington, North London). 
I've discovered Earlsfield really isn't in the middle of the countryside and nearby Tooting isn't all that different looking from Islington. That suits the city girl in me!

It is only after living in South West London for a few years that I have really begun to discover and appreciate Wandsworth Common though. London isn't just about concrete and bricks, there are so many wonderful parks here too.

Wandsworth Common has it all, not too big, two beautiful lakes, two playgrounds and a cafe. And lots and lots of dogs. 

This family portrait session was slightly challenging as it was in the middle of a summer's day, the sun was out and it was high. Whilst the sun makes for excellent barbecues, picnics and sunbathing - it really does make it hard for family photographers! However we were able to take advantage of the trees providing some shade, which was quite helpful.

The best bit about being a lifestyle photographer is allowing children (and their parents!) to be themselves and act naturally. We can take the place a bit more slowly if a child is feeling shy or we find plenty of space if they are full of energy.

When you look at you family lifestyle portraits, you and your children will remember the wonderful time you spent with each other, just playing and being yourselves.

Portrait Session Wandsworth Common
Child Portrait Session Wandsworth Common
Family Portrait Session Clapham
Family Portrait Session Balham
Father and Child Portrait Session by Wandsworth Common
Child portrait session Wandsworth Common Lake
Child Smiles in Wandsworth Portrait Session