Recovering from Christmas


It is a funny time of year, so much to do, so little time. Never have I felt the passage of time pass so quickly than this Christmas (where has the last year gone?)
Christmas really is a time of amplified emotions. The happiness, the sadness, the noise of rowdy relatives, the quiet of being alone.
I think especially of those missing from Christmas, those we have loved and lost. The pain is greater for those they left behind. 
It would be so easy to conceal ourselves away from the world, to keep our pain in the four walls around us.
But ask yourself, where would they want you to be. Are you living the life they want you to be living? Are you living the life you want to be living?

This should be a positive time of year. For Christians, Christmas is a story of hope who believe it signified the arrival of a saviour - someone who would take away the sadness and dark nights.
For everyone Christmas should be a time of connection, so as you recover the from Christmas mayhem, the food, the presents, the lists of things to do...

Take time to relax. 
Enjoy Nature
Find people to connect with (the world of full of people looking for connection).
Take care of yourself. 

New Year is just around the corner, start it well.

Evie Winter