Which Photographs Did You Miss?

There are so many wonderful moments to capture on our cameras each year as our children grow. All the obvious events, landmark birthdays, Christenings, 1st Communion. All the firsts, first smile, first steps, first ice-cream.
But what about the less noticeable ones. A moment when your child laughed at your joke, or shared a hug with their sibling. 
The role of the me as your photographer is to capture also the moments that may not seem so obvious at the time, whilst letting you enjoy them. 
This photo I love as it is a sweet moment of my two girls interacting, learning to hold hands and walk together. My girls don't love me being behind the camera as whilst I am there, I am not participating in their life. Often I find my children play up when I have a camera as I am not giving them my full attention. 
When you hire me as your photographer, you are choosing to participate and capture.
You enjoy the moment, you walk along side your children and let me look out for these special moments.