Sorry My House Is Messy

Sisters playing by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter

When did you last say that?

I said it on Monday, I spent ages tidying so it looked better but it was not immaculate and so I apologised.

Being a mother of young children is about survival folks, keeping the routine that keeps them calm, keeping them nourished and avoiding hanger issues, giving them activities so they can have fun and perhaps learn something, tick of the bills to be paid and the admin to be done, do any shopping that needs to be done, ensuring everyone has clothes to wear and that the house is clean and not providing any noruishments to mice that want to take up residence. Ensuring the children get fresh air.

Seriously where is the tidying going to fit in here?

I remember chatting to a newborn Mama of two, who was feeling overwhelmed by the cleaning. When I suggested a cleaner (she could afford easily) she said she would feel guilt. No, there is no guilt to be had in focusing on your kids for a few fleeting years. Preschoolers and babies are hard work.

Be released of the guilt of constant tidying and cleaning. Do what is necessary for survival of your children, hygiene of your house and sanity of yourself. Never feel guilty.