Winchester Parks Review: Winchester Village

by Hampshire Photographer, Evie Winter

I think access to playgrounds should be a children’s right, there is nothing like them for including all children in society no matter how much money you have. A place when you can exercise, play, meet other children, have fun.

Did you know that there are 25 playgrounds of varying sizes in Winchester alone? Often as a parent, you find the park closest to home and go there regularly but given the choice offered in Winchester. It is hard to know which ones are the best to visit so I am going to write some reviews of as many as we visit. Hope you find it helpful.

Winchester Village

Winchester Playground Wooden Bridge By Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter

We visited the small park in Winchester Village for the first time this week, after visiting a friend who lives near by there.

Getting There:

Winchester Village is next to the bus stop for Pitt P&R, so you can get there with the P&R bus, or No 66 or Kings City 5. There is parking in the park and ride area and then a 1 min walk. or 15 Mins if you have a slow toddler.

Winchester playground slide By Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter

Age Group
Ideally 3 and Over
My children aged 3 and 4 loved all the equipment, my friend’s toddler (just learned to walk) enjoyed the little wooden bridge. It was hard to see what there would be for younger children to do as there were no bucket swings or low climbing frames. If your child is a runner you might want to avoid as the area is not enclosed.

Wooden Bridge
Balancing Beam
Small Rope Frame
Slide (Highish)

! There are a few trees and bushes and so easy to not see small child if they go wondering.
! There is no decent fence, just a low beam a child could easily cross and be on the road.
! My friend warned me that dog muck in the area has been issue but we didn’t see any on this occasion.

The trees provide shading for a picnic or for an adult to stand, but the equipment was all in sun when we were there.

None that I could see.

Picnic Areas
A few benches, no table.

It is all a bit off the beaten track really, the best hope for coffee would be to go to Sainsbury’s at Badgers Farm (according to google a 20 min walk away) this would be your best loo option as well.

The View and Atmosphere
It is a quiet area and very chilled. You are surrounded by the new build estate and the roads are quite (at least they were during our time there).

Ideal for anyone looking to stop off and let the children stretch their legs when passing through Winchester

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Evie Winter is a local Mother and Lifestyle photographer specialising in newborn, family and children’s portraits based in Winchester, Hampshire. To see more of her work, please visit Evie Winter Family Photographer

climbing frame winchester playground by Hampshire Photographer Evie Winter

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